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Top Capitalization

Name Symbol Price USD Volume Overall volume% Market cap. Rev. in% for 1H Rev. in% for 1D Rev. in% for 7D
Bitcoin BTC 37445.38359 33682600000 21.89% 701503201579 1.14 % 4.45 % 4.00 %
Ethereum ETH 2432.88550 23829800000 15.49% 282888786839 1.53 % 0.56 % -9.60 %
Tether USDT 1.00119 52925700000 34.40% 62666220959 0.04 % 0.07 % 0.07 %
Binance Coin BNB 348.45977 1600270000 1.04% 53465191422 1.64 % 0.33 % -10.42 %
Cardano ADA 1.48221 2308470000 1.50% 47351079319 1.60 % 0.54 % -11.47 %

Top Course (Expensive)

Name Symbol Price USD Volume Overall volume% Market cap. Rev. in% for 1H Rev. in% for 1D Rev. in% for 7D
BlipCoin BPCN 182373.90356 0 0.00% 1.16 % 4.34 % 18.80 %
Punk PUNK 164647.31345 37182.2 0.00% 7.85 % 6.51 % -1.29 %
42-coin 42 82315.50020 3169.15 0.00% 3457247 1.16 % 4.34 % 3.93 %
Matic Aave Interest Bearing YFI MAYFI 74276.32769 0 0.00% 14.81 % -7.62 % 79.55 %
iBTC (Synthetix) IBTC 68145.35791 0 0.00% 0.96 % 1.80 % -4.56 %

Top Course (Cheap)

Name Symbol Price USD Volume Overall volume% Market cap. Rev. in% for 1H Rev. in% for 1D Rev. in% for 7D
Wiv WIV 0.000000000 0 0.00% 0.00 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
Fidelity Token FDT 0.000000000 0 0.00% 0.00 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
$AAPL $AAPL 0.000000000 0 0.00% 0.00 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
eToro United States Dollar USDEX 0.000000000 0 0.00% 0.00 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
Berry BERRY 0.000000000 0 0.00% 0.00 % 0.00 % 0.00 %

Top in volume (24h)

Name Symbol Price USD Volume Overall volume% Market cap. Rev. in% for 1H Rev. in% for 1D Rev. in% for 7D
Tether USDT 1.00119 52925700000 34.40% 62666220959 0.04 % 0.07 % 0.07 %
Bitcoin BTC 37445.38359 33682600000 21.89% 701503201579 1.14 % 4.45 % 4.00 %
Ethereum ETH 2432.88550 23829800000 15.49% 282888786839 1.53 % 0.56 % -9.60 %
Binance USD BUSD 1.00102 2897400000 1.88% 9587763172 0.03 % 0.06 % 0.07 %
XRP XRP 0.85746 2705840000 1.76% 39605791822 1.36 % 2.00 % -8.60 %

Top change (week)

Name Symbol Price USD Volume Overall volume% Market cap. Rev. in% for 1H Rev. in% for 1D Rev. in% for 7D
xxxNifty NSFW 0.00013 226659 0.00% -2.90 % -10.13 % 9999.99 %
DeviantCoin DEV 1.60311 0 0.00% 49990644 0.92 % -0.80 % 9999.99 %
AdsByWiFi WADS 78.34142 0 0.00% 9999.99 % 9999.99 % 9999.99 %
YEP COIN YEP 161.79313 43.69 0.00% -0.18 % 9999.99 % 9999.99 %
Paparazzi PAZZI 0.05374 0 0.00% 2296435 0.00 % 9999.99 % 9999.99 %

Top Cryptocurrencies

What is the most promising cryptocurrency? - This question can often be heard from traders, investors, or ordinary users using new-generation coins as a more convenient, safe and profitable means of calculation. Fortunately, thanks to our rating, which displays TOP cryptocurrency rates in real time, you can easily get an exhaustive answer to it. A convenient list of assets will clearly show rapidly developing projects, the growth of the value of the token, current capitalization and much more. All data is collected from reputable sources, which include the most popular exchanges (their rating is also presented on our website).

What are cryptocurrencies and why follow them

If you do not go into unnecessary technical details, the definition of the term “cryptocurrency” can be put into three words - decentralized digital money. This is a new calculation tool designed to solve many of the problems faced by users of bank cards, conventional EPS and paper money. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. One of the creators of the payment system was a certain Satoshi Nakamoto, who has not been taking part in the project for a couple of years, but at the same time is the owner of a billion bitcoins. The main principle of conducting financial transactions and making money on cryptocurrency is that there is no centralized system for storing currencies. The owners themselves store cryptocurrencies on electronic wallets and, if necessary, make an exchange for other means of payment, pay with a crypt for goods and services.

  1. Sender address;
  2. Transfer amount;
  3. Address of the recipient.

You can confirm the transfer request only with a cipher-key that the owner of the electronic wallet knows, and information about transactions is stored in the blockchain. You can transfer cryptocurrency without a central server. To do this, it is enough to make sure that other participants in the system confirm the fact that there is money in the wallet. The user confirms the transaction and adds it to the next block, completing the transfer. By the way, the transfer involves the payment of a commission. The higher it is, the faster the translation will be.

Cryptocurrency has the following advantages:

  1. Money is almost impossible to steal. You can only remove or transfer cryptocurrencies using a private key. Therefore, users need to take security of its storage seriously. This data should not be disclosed to third parties. Otherwise, breaking the wallet will become possible;
  2. Inexpensive commission. For example, for the transfer of several million bitcoins you will have to pay no more than $ 5, and some alternative coins, in general, allow you to transfer money almost for free;
  3. There is no central server that hackers can attack, having learned the data of all users. Also, the absence of a central regulatory authority contributes to the anonymity of money transfers.

Thanks to its innovative features, implemented technologies and interested investors, cryptocurrencies can grow in price greatly, which makes them an attractive investment asset. Having invested in Bitcoin a couple of years ago at a ridiculous price, many people managed to acquire expensive real estate, cars and other benefits, and there is no reason to argue that in the future this sharp jump will not happen again with new altcoins. Only there is one problem. Now there are a lot of coins, so understanding which cryptocurrency is promising and which does not deserve attention is quite problematic.

Promising cryptocurrencies for investing

So, if you are interested in the possibility of earning on crypto assets, it's time to use our cryptocurrency rating and find yourself a profitable financial instrument. It should be understood that daily changes in the cryptocurrency market occur. For example, during the first half of 2019, almost all altcoins experienced a difficult period. However, when the value of the main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, rose from up to 10 thousand US dollars, the position of altcoins returned to normal and even improved. Below are examples of currencies that will save and, possibly, even exaggerate their savings several times.

ZClassic (ZCL) - This is a relatively new branch of the Anonymous Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which appeared on November 5, 2016 as a result of the split of the digital currency ZCash into two independent blockchain chains. Compared to the previous version, ZClassic is a more reliable and secure cryptocurrency. The fork was developed by experts in Miami. This event was of such a colossal scale that it was mentioned in one of the programs on the American CNBC channel, although not every fork can be worthy of attention from such an influential television channel. This case of appearance on television especially attracted the attention of investors, as a result of discussions about the ZClassic project began, after which there was a positive dynamics in the growth of the value of cryptocurrency. The price at one point even reached 220 US dollars,

Now the cost of ZCL is $ 30, and this is as much as 7 times lower than its highest value ($ 220). Depending on how much the market will accept when setting the cost of the Anonymous Bitcoin digital currency, it will be possible to predict the price of ZCL in the near future, although, it should be noted, the coin already has a large number of buyers and trading advisers, because it was a completely exclusive development. There are other advantages of the ZClassic currency:

  • It uses advanced cryptography technologies that guarantee the complete confidentiality of the user;
  • Provides financial security;
  • Delivered from transaction fees.

MoneroV (XMV) is a new anonymous digital currency that is a branch of Monero (XMR). Hard fork MoneroV took place in April 2018. Experts claim that MoneroV is safer than its predecessor, Monero (XMR), since its creation is based on a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain system. An undoubted advantage is the reduction in transaction costs. In addition, the supply of MoneroV coins is limited (256 million crypto coins). After the hard fork, all Monero holders received new coins in the proportion of 10 (XMV) to 1 (XMR). By the way, the developers of MoneroV provided for the development of the fund, from which Monero will be financed.

By market capitalization, XMR is one of the most successful and promising coins among anonymous altcoins. As experience shows, before fork, the price of altcoins rises significantly, and undergoes changes after it. It is quite difficult to answer exactly the question about the cost of MoneroV, since this digital coin in the cryptocurrency market is a very recent development, but it is worth noting that a decent number of exchangers supported it. Therefore, with a high probability, the price of XMV will increase in the near future. The positive aspects of MoneroV include the following:

  • Limited issue of coins;
  • Has a funding fund;
  • Creation of protocols to solve scaling issues;
  • Confidentiality.

Syscoin (SYS): 3: 0. The Syscoin cryptocurrency, which was born in 2014, is far from a new project, but since it has undergone significant modernization in 2018, it is simply necessary for it to be in the top. Syscoin is one of the most secure and largest networks with decentralized services. The developers draw an analogy with the Swiss army knife, which has a wide range of actions, like their project. The platform has the ability to encrypt messages, as well as wallet addresses. An undoubted plus is the creation of infrastructure that allows you to safely trade assets, electronic data. In addition, Syscoin features a very low transaction fee and the issuance of its own exclusive certificates.

Syscoin currently costs $ 0.026 (as of August 2019), however, the market capitalization parameters are at a fairly high level. A lot of people keep hope that soon the project will fire and bring the desired increase in the capital of investors. And this, admittedly, is quite possible - because the system has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Decentralization, which has reached a whole new level;
  • Simple, safe and quick procedure for sending, receiving and transferring funds;
  • Usage of nickname;
  • Security by arbitration agreement;
  • Low commission for conducting transactions;
  • An active community of developers who come up with a variety of innovations;
  • Unique features (own certificates, aliases, trading platforms, etc.).

Paying attention to those who are trying to bite off their piece of cake of cryptocurrency beginners, do not forget about those who are not going to leave the TOP cryptocurrencies of verified projects: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and many others are now afloat and continue to grow in price (Bitcoin, for example, as of August In 2019, he exceeded the mark of 11 thousand dollars per coin, and his closest analogs also followed him).

Why you should use the services of our service

The ratings, lists and charts presented on the site have a large number of advantages compared to most analogues from the Internet. By adding this page to your favorites, you will receive a high-level service, namely:

  1. Updating information in real time, so that users can instantly respond to market changes and successfully complete profitable speculative operations.
  2. A large number of monitored assets. Not only the most popular cryptocurrencies fall into view, but also many other, less well-known altcoins.
  3. Many options that allow you to sort the available currencies by various criteria. The page has the top 100.10.5 cryptocurrencies, as well as the rating of exchanges in a separate section.
  4. Convenient and practical interface with the absence of intrusive advertising, automatic redirects and bulky, slow-down elements.

Work on the site is actively ongoing, so that in the future there will be even more new features, interface optimization and new cryptocurrencies will be added as they become available.

Rating of cryptocurrency exchanges

In addition to the constantly updated list of electronic coins, you can also get acquainted with the best exchanges that allow you to earn on speculative operations and effectively invest your money in crypto assets. Before you start trading on a particular platform, you should understand the conditions provided, namely, interest, restrictions on replenishment of the account and withdrawal of funds, maximum volumes of trade and other important aspects. As an example of worthy sites, we give five popular exchanges with good working conditions.

Livecoin The exchange is localized in Russian, moreover, it is possible to replenish the account and withdraw money in rubles, which will be very convenient for many. Of fiat money, euros and dollars are also supported. Crypto coins can be withdrawn to a special wallet, and real money can be transferred to a card or other payment systems. For work, it is possible to use many currency pairs and even use rare coins. Almost all cryptocurrencies are not subject to a commission for input and output. And the benefits do not end there, it is also worth noting:

  • A large number of available currency pairs (over 300 pieces);
  • When replenishing an account with a crypto coin, a commission is not charged (applies to all tokens);
  • Cryptocurrency mining is possible in a special section (the block is generated within 2.5 minutes, which significantly increases the number of coins received).

Bitfinex The Russian-language exchange has a large cash turnover, but there are much fewer assets to work with than in the previous case. In total, the system has 4 dozen currency pairs, the list of which includes the most promising cryptocurrencies. If trading with little-known coins is not planned, then the service can be safely used for trading. For those who want to use rubles, the exchange is not suitable. Of fiat money, only dollars are supported, which can be activated after complex verification. If you use only cryptocurrencies, then verification is not needed here. An interesting feature of the system is that part of its coins can be given at interest to other users. Benefits:

  • Use of margin trading;
  • Many tools and settings for convenient trading on the exchange;
  • High level of security (two-factor protection, OpenPGP technology, the use of a physical standard - even with some of these measures, attackers have no chance).

Exmo.com. The site is supported by both Russian and Ukrainian interface design. Fiat money can be quickly withdrawn to a bank card if something happens. Novice users just start working on this exchange. The interface is not bad, you can quickly navigate with all the functionality. You can deposit money from some e-wallets and with a credit card. In case of any questions or problems, a support service can help, which is almost always in touch. The customer base currently has 1.5 million users. When creating an account on the exchange, you can immediately get a valid Bitcoin wallet. Bidding is allowed as soon as the replenishment of funds has passed. Positive aspects of the project:

  • Fast work of the site, technical support and, as a result, a convenient interface;
  • There are many payment systems available for depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • Low interest for the initial operation.

Yobit.io. Another platform with a clear and convenient interface in Russian, which allows you to use the most promising cryptocurrencies in your work. At the moment, there are over 8,000 of them, which is a very impressive amount. Moreover, the transaction fee will please even the most economical and prudent Internet users. The exchange also provides a bitcoin tap section where you can get currency for free. Benefits:

  • A huge number of currency pairs;
  • Online chat, where you can get all the necessary recommendations for work and investment;
  • The ability to receive cryptocurrencies for free, thanks to the existing crane;
  • You can add new crypto coins.

Cex.io. In terms of trading volumes, the exchange occupies a far from leading place and provides only 10 currency pairs for work. Nevertheless, the interface is very convenient, and currency purchase can be carried out in a couple of clicks. For many, a pleasant bonus is working with the ruble when choosing a currency pair. There are certain restrictions on the withdrawal and input of crypto coins; verification in this case is not required. The funds entered into the system will first be frozen, therefore, to use them, you need to provide evidence of their legality. This is a minus when working on the exchange. Benefits:

  • The possibility of margin trading;
  • Quick purchase and sale of currency;
  • Low fees for all operations;
  • High rate of protection of invested funds.

These and other exchanges presented in our rating provide good conditions for both novice traders and professionals in this business, have a huge number of positive reviews from satisfied customers and are constantly evolving, expanding their functionality and introducing new cryptocurrency assets.

Trade Risk Warning

We draw your attention to the fact that the information provided on the pages of the site is placed there for informational and educational purposes. It is not a direct guide to action, so the user of the site takes all the risks associated with trading and investment operations. We try to provide objective statistics regarding individual assets and various exchanges, but only visitors themselves must decide which cryptocurrency is best suited for their needs.

It is also worth remembering the very nature of the cryptocurrency market - it is extremely volatile, which, on the one hand, opens up great prospects for participants in terms of profit, but on the other hand makes them face increased risks. Very often, courses jump and fall strongly, contrary to well-grounded forecasts. That is why it is recommended that increased attention be paid to risk diversification - try not to store all savings in one currency, but to choose at least three or four best cryptocurrencies. In this case, if one of the assets expects a collapse due to unforeseen circumstances, the depositor will have the opportunity to compensate for this with profit on other assets or at least reduce financial losses.

To summarize

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that the rating of popular cryptocurrencies and exchanges will be useful to all those who are interested in this industry and take an active part in the life of the blockchain community. TOP allows you to identify the best cryptocurrencies, spending a minimum of time collecting information - our service did this for you, reading data from the most reliable sources, such as leading trading floors, for the courses of which many smaller projects are equal.

If you want to know the exact numbers regarding the price of certain currencies, their market capitalization, trading volumes and other parameters, be sure to add our site to your browser bookmarks.