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Name Symbol Price USD Volume Overall volume% Market cap. Rev. in% for 1H Rev. in% for 1D Rev. in% for 7D
Bitcoin BTC 38201.64746 26112400000 16.77% 717245214134 -0.04 % -4.00 % 0.58 %
Ethereum ETH 2489.05589 23452700000 15.06% 291109979218 -0.34 % -6.16 % 10.21 %
Tether USDT 1.00023 53047800000 34.07% 62004080973 -0.03 % -0.02 % -0.01 %
PRiVCY PRIV 3490.60000 0 0.00% 57626103165 -2.40 % -2.07 % 9999.99 %
Binance Coin BNB 321.53196 1361280000 0.87% 54061431216 -0.01 % -4.14 % 4.14 %
Cardano ADA 1.34541 1781430000 1.14% 43162241941 0.35 % 1.04 % 6.97 %
XRP XRP 0.70968 2481370000 1.59% 32866837223 -0.49 % -5.79 % 11.66 %
USD Coin USDC 1.00028 2676120000 1.72% 27427098485 -0.03 % 0.00 % -0.01 %
Dogecoin DOGE 0.19620 1108230000 0.71% 25644554948 -0.13 % -4.70 % -2.60 %
HEX HEX 0.14364 51425000 0.03% 24909031088 1.83 % 26.91 % 7.09 %
Polkadot DOT 17.29108 1381970000 0.89% 16955471715 -1.36 % -7.00 % 24.51 %
Uniswap UNI 21.29645 495206000 0.32% 12509119792 -0.21 % -7.10 % 15.17 %
Binance USD BUSD 1.00036 3940420000 2.53% 12083687475 -0.01 % 0.01 % 0.02 %
Chainlink LINK 23.29729 1452190000 0.93% 10320921107 0.46 % 0.52 % 23.32 %
Bitcoin Cash BCH 533.96142 2007590000 1.29% 10042432751 0.47 % -3.55 % 8.74 %
XRP XRP 0.22473 1136620000 1.86% 9730877209 -0.23 % 0.88 % 3.40 %
Solana SOL 34.71096 471805000 0.30% 9463507415 -0.26 % 2.70 % 25.61 %
Litecoin LTC 138.46801 1372120000 0.88% 9243101991 -0.31 % -3.84 % 4.16 %
Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC 38189.90580 271159000 0.17% 7354391507 -0.13 % -3.52 % 0.57 %
Polygon MATIC 1.01971 496514000 0.32% 6561558209 -0.43 % -4.69 % 1.47 %
Stellar XLM 0.27472 505475000 0.32% 6429521843 1.03 % -2.86 % 4.43 %
Ethereum Classic ETC 49.16598 2056660000 1.32% 6329110637 -0.04 % -5.62 % 2.51 %
Terra LUNA 14.28757 751555000 0.48% 5928793513 7.08 % 20.94 % 55.69 %
Dai DAI 1.00039 419044000 0.27% 5683806967 -0.06 % -0.11 % -0.09 %
THETA THETA 5.62355 210879000 0.14% 5623548046 0.01 % -4.55 % 1.07 %
VeChain VET 0.08408 480288000 0.31% 5407336850 -0.30 % -3.41 % 2.08 %
Internet Computer ICP 38.44882 196703000 0.13% 5263613060 0.36 % -6.24 % -1.12 %
Filecoin FIL 53.99413 321842000 0.21% 5043899661 -0.01 % -2.31 % 12.52 %
Tixl MTXLT 79.08078 3412.54 0.00% 4884489330 -15.06 % -3.51 % 76.94 %
TRON TRX 0.06380 849619000 0.55% 4572108952 -0.62 % -2.64 % 7.99 %
Monero XMR 227.38047 183871000 0.12% 4085079334 -0.23 % -3.53 % 4.64 %
Aave AAVE 309.31715 307933000 0.20% 4000351313 -0.33 % -5.61 % 4.88 %
EOS EOS 3.99498 852392000 0.55% 3818166910 -0.14 % -2.45 % 7.63 %
FTX Token FTT 36.23861 106923000 0.07% 3419002319 -0.26 % -0.40 % 20.46 %
PancakeSwap CAKE 16.17233 386638000 0.25% 3305120271 -0.02 % 0.14 % 12.19 %
The Graph GRT 0.65225 130596000 0.08% 3075823166 0.00 % -3.40 % 16.51 %
Crypto.com Coin CRO 0.12003 28276800 0.02% 3032251323 0.11 % -4.96 % 1.27 %
Neo NEO 41.22501 382120000 0.25% 2907963747 -0.67 % -7.79 % 24.13 %
UNUS SED LEO LEO 3.00520 2097710 0.00% 2866823959 0.06 % -2.89 % 7.47 %
Bitcoin BEP2 BTCB 38114.80927 38614800 0.02% 2786690363 0.06 % -4.42 % 0.80 %
Maker MKR 2773.40526 113630000 0.07% 2749355353 -0.28 % -8.16 % 4.58 %
Cosmos ATOM 12.05998 149498000 0.10% 2642930550 0.04 % -5.07 % 5.37 %
Bitcoin SV BSV 140.48599 292351000 0.19% 2641784807 0.01 % -4.47 % 8.72 %
Algorand ALGO 0.82732 64058400 0.04% 2624347109 0.53 % -1.15 % -1.63 %
Amp AMP 0.06140 35037600 0.02% 2592573972 -0.66 % -8.81 % -7.86 %
KnoxFS (old) KFX 19.25393 0 0.00% 2583737956 0.30 % 4.35 % 32.92 %
Tezos XTZ 3.02039 126587000 0.08% 2581381735 -0.18 % -5.28 % 7.94 %
Klaytn KLAY 1.01093 109446000 0.07% 2519081131 -0.78 % -2.36 % 2.66 %
Wrapped BNB WBNB 322.83084 633884000 0.41% 2484181557 -0.08 % -3.78 % 4.05 %
SHIBA INU SHIB 0.00001 223077000 0.14% 2444964905 -0.50 % -2.50 % -0.14 %

Cryptocurrency Course - User Information

From the very moment that the famous Bitcoin project was successfully launched due to the authorship of a certain Satoshi Nakamoto, the attention of the general public was focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Almost immediately, new currencies began to appear with their own distinctive features - the technologies used, capitalization, availability or inaccessibility of mining through mining. The list goes on and on. Therefore, so that an interested investor, trader or a simple network user who needs a convenient means of payment, can choose the most profitable option for himself, our service was created, showing cryptocurrency charts online in real time.

The table on this page displays data on the actual value of a particular asset, market capitalization of coins, price fluctuations over a 24-hour period, information on turnover and daily trading volumes, and also provides users with a graph of the weekly change in the value of the selected crypto. Information is updated in real time, which gives users the opportunity to collect the most accurate information and apply it in a variety of situations:

  • When you need to find the most promising asset for investment. By following price fluctuations over a long period of time, it is highly likely that a promising investment option can be identified that will help protect your savings from inflation and even increase them.
  • When you need to track the demand for a particular currency within the market in order to crank out a profitable speculative operation with it. If you do not keep in mind the real-time cryptocurrency rates, you can very seriously miscalculate and go into the red during trading, since cryptocurrencies are assets with high volatility.
  • In the case when you need to make a money transfer in your chosen currency or make an exchange operation, and you want to catch the most profitable rate. Private exchangers can deceive their users, so the online official statistics service should definitely be bookmarked and periodically compared.

By default, the page shows the cryptocurrency rate against the dollar, but you can easily specify other fiat money (for example, look in Rubles or Euros) - the value will be immediately converted. There are also other ways to sort the information provided.

Cryptocurrency rate online. Bitcoin and its closest competitors

The main payment and investment tool in the cryptocurrency world is undoubtedly Bitcoin. It was this currency that managed to increase its value thousands of times in a few years, at one point even breaking through the mark of 19 thousand dollars per token. But progress does not stand still. Competitors are already poking around, providing new - more technological and multi-functional electronic money.

  • Litecoin - Litecoin (LTC) also has no control from the center, it is well protected, it is characterized by high anonymity, higher speed of operations and favorable storage conditions (even better than Bitcoin provides). High liquidity, suitable for commercial projects. The number of coins is limited, so over time their value will be higher. The cost of LTC in the summer of 2019 was $ 88 per coin.
  • Ethereum - Ethereum (ETH) or ether was created using blockchain technology to exchange any resources and conduct any contracts without signing legal contracts and attracting additional intermediaries, which greatly speeds up and reduces the cost of the process. An operation takes 20-30 seconds. Low commission is also a plus on the air. The platform developed by the programmer Vitalik Buterin has been working since 2015. Used for smart contracts, not subordinate to the center. In the USA, it collaborates with Microsoft, and in Russia, together with the Central Bank, they developed the Masterchain platform, using the achievements of the Ethereum platform. Vneshekonombank and Sberbank interact with him.
  • Ripple (XRP): Another leader with good growth. The disadvantage of XRP is that it has owners who have concentrated most of all the coins. Its strength is its interaction with more than 20 banks in the world. On this platform, you can easily exchange any resources, and pay for the transaction with XRP coins, and the commission is very small. Ripples can be bought for fiat money, this cryptocurrency online in real time shows good performance.
  • Bitcoin Cash - Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created as an alternative to Bitcoin. The same blockchain is used, but improved, the speed of operations is much higher than that of Bitcoin, and the commission was greatly reduced. With Bitcoin, the transaction speed can reach several days, and the commission is $ 19. Bitcoin cache is used to pay for purchases, services and transfers between users, like Bitcoin. There is an official website, you can buy BCH on exchanges at an extremely competitive price. Real-time cryptocurrency rates against the dollar will help to catch a profitable moment for investment.
  • Monero - MONERO (XMR) is translated as “coin” with Esperanto. Refers to expensive cryptocurrency coins. A feature of the project is increased secrecy. The modern banking system cannot give customers complete anonymity, so the creators of Monero have completely solved this problem. This led to huge demand and appreciation of these coins. In January 2015, for 1 XMR they gave 0.25 dollars, in December 2017 1 XMR was equal to 425 dollars. Now the cryptocurrency exchange rate is $ 78.62 for 1 Monero.

In addition to the obvious Bitcoin and other leaders that are well-known to everyone, our cryptocurrency chart online allows you to get acquainted with statistics on hundreds of other coins, information about which is collected on world virtual exchanges and exchange services with the most favorable rates. Below you can find a list of other popular and promising coins.

  • Stellar Lumens (XLM): the profitability of this type of cryptocurrency has allowed it to now be in the TOP of the best currencies. In 2017, it was worth $ 0.0025, now $ 0.24. Stellar's reliability is backed up by hard work with IBM. Very convenient platform for purchase, minimal withdrawal fees. Lumens can be bought both for Bitcoins on the exchange, and for rubles or dollars, through Sberbank, Yandex Money. The exchange is a little more profitable.
  • Mute - NEM (XEM): there is no main server, it is impossible to hack into the system, each block controls everyone and everyone controls everyone. Any participant has the ability to control all operations. Information is encrypted. In total, only 9 billion coins can be issued. The platform has modern qualities, has the highest transaction speed, the minimum commission. In Asian countries, Nem is an extremely popular cryptocurrency. In October 2017, the price of cryptocurrency in real time was $ 0.2, in 2018 it reached $ 1.7, and at the end of July 2019 amounted to $ 0.06. It's time to get and wait for the expected increase in value.
  • Iota - IOTA (MIOTA): was created as a universal means of payment in blockchain-based Internet projects, for example, any systems controlled from a smartphone. The idea was expanded, and a good cryptocurrency turned out. It differs from all analogues on the positive side in that there is no transaction fee, and there are no restrictions on the number of transfers - the greater the load, the faster the system works. The MIOTA course is unstable. As of June 2017, the exchange rate was $ 0.41; at its peak, it was $ 5.11. Now the indicators are not high.
  • Stratis - Stratis (STRAT) was created in 2016, in 2017 this cryptocurrency gave a serious increase. This is due to cooperation with Microsoft. The main positive feature of this platform is the comprehensibility and accessibility not only to a handful of creators, but also to many specialists of interested companies. You can buy it on the exchanges. What is nice, the price in the long run shows stable growth.
  • OmiseGo (OMG): widespread in Thailand, and now conquering Japan. It was created as a platform for the payment of goods and services. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the creators of the project offer to exchange different types of coins for any others, bypassing intermediaries. The plans are wide-reaching and covering, in addition to crypto, the fiat currency market. Although OMG tokens are now in decline, the price of cryptocurrency is still several times higher than the initial one. In July 2019, the cost was $ 1.5 per coin, as the cryptocurrency exchange rate for online today showed.
  • EOS: a platform designed to solve many problems at the same time, included the best developments, decentralized. Instant transfers, no commission. Cons: all the reins of government associated with the course of this platform are in the hands of several people. 10% of the coins were transferred to developers, 90% belong to investors. But the colossal advertising brings its results. Investments are constantly growing. Suitable for short-term investments. You can purchase it on the official website. At the beginning of 2018, the exchange rate was $ 8.6, and today it is $ 4.17 for 1 EOS, which is due to the stabilization of the cryptocurrency market after the Bitcoin hype.
  • Cardano - Cardano (ADA): this platform is a third-generation cryptocurrency, therefore, like many other analogues, it does not have a single center. The ADA currency is named after the world's first female programmer, Ada Lovelace. The pluses include the fact that the platform is written in a new, more secure language. Cardano is most common in Asia, but it will be fully usable by the end of 2019, when it will be possible to conduct smart contracts. Cardano also plans to issue its own debit card.
  • Icon (ICX): a cryptocurrency developed by South Korean manufacturers and focused on the acquisition of goods directly from companies operating in its network. He has serious support from the state. The platform aims to create a whole service based on blockchain technology. The main task is to exclude the costs of intermediary services, working in the system without them. This will affect the speed of execution of contracts. High decentralization, the possibility of compatibility with other platforms distinguishes the currency from analogues. Icon developers plan to interact with fiat money.
  • Waves: one of the top ten cryptocurrencies. The founder of this platform is Russian businessman Alexander Ivanov. Waves is focused on serving smart contracts. There is a private exchange. The main plus is the ability to withdraw funds at any time and easily exchange for fiat money. On this platform, there is a unique opportunity to find investors for a new interesting project by launching an instant fundraising. The Waves platform works clearly in the legal field.
  • Lisk - Lisk (LSK) uses a simpler programming language, expands the capabilities for partners. The main advantage of the project is its simplicity, coins can be used at the household level. But LSK is not designed to pay for purchases; its purpose is to provide applications. There is an official website and a wallet. The development of Lisk began on 05/25/2016, when the token was worth $ 0.36, in February 2018, $ 33.19 was given for 1 LSK. In July 2019, it is trading at $ 1.4 and has vague prospects as an investment asset.
  • Neo (NEO) was created in China in 2014, is actively supported by the government of the country, together with Microsoft, the best applications for process control in commerce are being developed. Based on the project, the world's first operating system for the blockchain is being created. There is an official website, wallet, exchange. Ranks third in popularity. Eliminates the possibility of hacker attacks. Widely advertised on social networks. It is controlled by a central organization. By market capitalization, the coin takes the 20th place and is trading at a price of 11+ dollars for July 2019.

What types of cryptocurrencies are better to choose for investment or use as a means of payment, everyone decides for himself. Now the market is very sagging, it's time to buy coins. Young projects with cheap coins are more promising in terms of increasing profits, and well-established expensive cryptocurrencies, supported by investors and advertising, are ideal for those who value stability and security.

Cryptocurrency exchange rate for today in dollars. What influences him?

If you take a look at any of the charts presented on our service, you will surely notice that cryptocurrency online in real time can fluctuate quite significantly. This is due to the high volatility of the market and the dependence of the ratio of supply and demand on a number of factors. These include:

  1. Large players who can buy up or, conversely, quickly drain significant amounts of money. Such information does not go unnoticed by smaller fish in the market, which often simply rush with the stream and provoke an even greater rise / collapse. The situation with Bitcoin is a clear example - it flew much higher than its real value at that time due to information hype, and when at one moment several large companies sold their reserves in the crypt, the rest of the market also followed suit.
  2. The effect of cross influence. Major currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and some others, often affect the entire cryptocurrency area as a whole. As soon as they rise in price or, conversely, become cheaper, as an impressive list of alternative coins (altcoins) begins to be adjusted at rates along with them.
  3. The influence of economic and political factors - both globally and locally. The cryptocurrency exchange rate online chart usually shows a decrease, if only a country toughens legislation regarding the legality of mining and cryptocurrency payments. Conversely, notifications about the readiness of banking organizations and authorities to implement their projects on the basis of the blockchain are positively perceived.
  4. Developers and their development strategy, as well as involved partners. If a project is based on a unique technology or is trying to implement it, and business partners that have proven themselves in the business world (for example, Microsoft or Amazon companies) contribute to this, then investor confidence in the currency will begin to grow. There is an increased demand, and with it a price increase. Negative news, such as developers' failure to fulfill their obligations, hacking wallets and other problems, affect the course negatively.

Therefore, it is important for traders and investors not only to peek at the cryptocurrency rate chart, but also to follow the news of the entire sphere of blockchain and new generation money without fail, to monitor the progress of development of the noted projects and their coins.

Why our service

If you turn to search engines, on the Internet you can find many sites showing the cryptocurrency rate for today in real time. Only now, far from each of them is able to provide their users with reliable information about digital token courses and provide an adequate list of useful tools. Our service differs from its analogues in a number of advantages:

  1. The most accurate, real-time cryptocurrency exchange rate provided on the site, which each visitor of the page can configure at his own discretion, choosing as parameters priority those that are of interest to him. For example, to see the cheapest coins, just sort the list in ascending order of price.
  2. Useful functions for working with lists - courses can be saved in formats that are convenient for you, shared as posts on popular social networks. You can save up-to-date information on 24-hour fluctuations in currency quotes, as well as historical data for a longer period, make comparisons between cryptocurrencies and evaluate the cryptocurrency rate in relation to a particular fiat currency.
  3. The lack of intrusive advertising, scripts automatically redirect from page to page and other ways of monetization, making the use of the site uncomfortable. We understand that it is important for people to get a cryptocurrency rate online in real time, corresponding to real data from exchanges, so this is the task we put in priority.

The service is now at the stage of its development, therefore, new useful features are expected to appear soon. A similar situation is with new crypto assets - as soon as new tokens are available for purchase, a graph of their value will immediately appear on the graph.

About the responsibility of the administration

All the data that the online cryptocurrency dollar rate graph displays is collected from verified sources, and is a high-precision display of the real value of an asset. However, technical problems on the service or an unstable market situation can lead to unpredictable consequences that can ultimately hit the wallet of a trader / investor or a simple network user who decides to use the crypto as the safest, most anonymous and cheap means of payment in terms of requested commissions.

Our resource has a purely informational orientation, therefore, the administration is not responsible for how visitors to the site will interpret the chart providing real-time cryptocurrencies in their financial transactions. You should always take into account that cryptocurrency online, although slightly prone to inflation, but it has a strong dependence on other factors. Here, the reputation of the developers, the political situation around the crypt as a whole, and the development plan also matter. In general, all those features that allow you to make big money on the difference in exchange rates can lead to losses in the same way.

Quite some time has already passed since the period when people massively bought equipment for mining and turned their personal computers into farms for the extraction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The market reached its peak last year and sagged noticeably as soon as many began to hastily withdraw their savings. Now, most electronic coins are at a level significantly higher than their initial cost, but still low, when compared with the figures for 2018.

Many analysts call this period the most suitable for investment and currency trading on exchanges, providing fresh statistics as proof of their words. The cryptocurrency exchange rate for today the chart shows rapid growth in many assets - the same Bitcoin has added more than 5 thousand to the value since the beginning of the year. Therefore, we recommend you bookmark this page and use it as necessary, making a profitable investment.