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Name Symbol Price USD Volume Overall volume% Market cap. Rev. in% for 1H Rev. in% for 1D Rev. in% for 7D
Keep3rV1 10/28/2020 KP3R 50.17839 71350.2 0.00% 10035729 36.51 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
Dandy Dego 10/28/2020 DANDY 332.15555 9697.01 0.00% 6.34 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
Almace Shards 10/28/2020 ALMX 6.42224 1790.43 0.00% -10.76 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
BitCanna 10/28/2020 BCNA 0.05751 2978.37 0.00% -1.19 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
Tsunami finance 10/28/2020 NAMI 1179.98886 1751780 0.00% -6.39 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
Oraichain Token 10/28/2020 ORAI 6.54630 2011050 0.00% -4.65 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
Axia Protocol 10/27/2020 AXIA 1.49980 147.67 0.00% -0.02 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
BCHDOWN 10/27/2020 BCHDOWN 9.36287 100899 0.00% -8.92 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
BCHUP 10/27/2020 BCHUP 10.52185 122030 0.00% 7.69 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
SXPDOWN 10/27/2020 SXPDOWN 12.15842 592196 0.00% 0.71 % -7.39 % 0.00 %
SXPUP 10/27/2020 SXPUP 3.96779 1780110 0.00% -3.03 % -8.61 % 0.00 %
LTCDOWN 10/27/2020 LTCDOWN 5.10102 276644 0.00% 3.99 % -3.08 % 0.00 %
Lumos 10/27/2020 LMS 1.49600 61760.8 0.00% -4.55 % -7.66 % 0.00 %
pxUSD Synthetic USD Expiring 1 April 2021 10/27/2020 PXUSD_MAR2021 0.96224 1268.79 0.00% -0.75 % 5.27 % 0.00 %
LTCUP 10/27/2020 LTCUP 14.51789 976847 0.00% -3.26 % -0.47 % 0.00 %
UNIDOWN 10/27/2020 UNIDOWN 13.58271 972627 0.00% 3.30 % 6.76 % 0.00 %
UNIUP 10/27/2020 UNIUP 3.84477 1593000 0.00% -3.90 % -5.94 % 0.00 %
Yearn Finance Red Moon 10/27/2020 YFRM 226.07032 22856.7 0.00% -2.99 % 66.52 % 0.00 %
EDC Blockchain v2 10/27/2020 EDC 0.06043 229608 0.00% 0.10 % -11.00 % 3.41 %
EDC Blockchain v1 [old] 10/27/2020 EDC 0.00260 0 0.00% 6938089 0.67 % 1.44 % 12.76 %

New Cryptocurrencies - User Information

This section provides a list of new cryptocurrencies, distributed by various characteristics, such as capitalization, coin value, etc. This information can be useful to people who are looking for promising assets for investment / trading, but do not want to focus on already established Bitcoin, Ether and others flagships of the cryptocurrency industry. After all, you need to be realistic and understand that the coins indicated above, although they will demonstrate steady growth, are unlikely to make the breakthrough that they made in 2017-2018, multiplying hundreds of times.

And a completely different matter - new promising cryptocurrencies that surpass pioneers in all respects, are based on unique blockchain technologies and develop high-tech projects based on them. Absolutely everything is being watched for such investment assets - from experienced financiers, who turn in multimillion-dollar capital, and ending with simple network users, experimenting with electronic payment means of a new generation and buying up a small amount of crypto for personal needs.

Promising newcomers to the crypto industry

Hirematch (HIRE). Before us is the project of Armando Pantoy and Chad Kettering, developed on the basis of the blockchain and having the lowest values ​​of market capitalization (about 5 million US dollars). The main goal of the Hirematch project is to abandon the traditional hiring system. It was planned to show how blockchain technologies can help freelancers make it easier to find work with minimal financial costs. HIRE provides intermediary services, which greatly facilitates the task of applicants and company representatives to find each other. It is worth noting that Hirematch is not amenable to mining, that is, all the coins of this digital currency were initially subject to the issue procedure and their further release depends entirely on the developers.

Touching upon the issue of the development of Hirematch in the future, it is worth noting the positive forecasts of experts forecasting an increase in the value of the currency. An ICO project was launched when price changes began on the cryptocurrency market, so we can say that Hirematch has a great chance of promotion, because at this critical moment of price instability, the project did not stop its work. This year promises the appearance of new opportunities and favorable events for Hirematch regarding modern developments. The project will also have partners, for example, Recruiter.com (a labor market that is in special demand in the USA) is going to use the HIRE token on its platform.

Basic Attention ( BAT ). Considering the latest cryptocurrencies, one can not help but mention this promising object for investment. Having appeared relatively recently, the project managed to raise the value of its coins several times. The graph shows steady growth, although at times the drawdowns characteristic of the cryptocurrency market happen. Partially, BAT owes its success to the reputation of the creators - the team includes people who took part in working on Javascript and the Mozilla browser. But technological differences are also of great importance. People liked the fact that the project is based on open source, and it is based on a transparent and decentralized protocol.

The current value of BAT slightly exceeds 20 cents, and the volume of capitalization is gradually approaching 260 million dollars. The 24-hour trading volume is more than 18 million USD. If the advertising conversion technology created on the basis of this blockchain gains popularity, its cost will go up sharply.

Other new cryptocurrencies that deserve attention

  • Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. The main idea is that the creators want to revive the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, who suggested Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer network. BSV promises to be more scalable, secure and stable.
  • BitTorrent (BTT). Cryptocurrency project authored by the creators of one of the most popular torrent clients. In addition to being used as a means of payment and investment, BTT tokens will be used as a means of regulating information flows in the network.
  • Pundi X (NPXS). The project deserves special attention, as it tries to bring cryptocurrency settlements and blockchain technologies beyond the Internet. In the future, users will receive a convenient means of payment for a wide variety of goods and services. Already, NPXS payment is supported by tens of thousands of terminals, and XPhone, a mobile device with an exclusive operating system, has even been released.
  • Blockchain World Wire. IBM introduced a system based on another project - Stellar, but significantly improved. With its help, any international payment takes place in a matter of seconds, and along the way, the crypt can be converted into fiat money or vice versa.
  • GOeureka (GO). At first glance, a rather highly specialized coin related to the tourism industry (hotel reservation), but still quite interesting. Her fate will be decided in September 2019, when coin sales begin.

Of course, this review introduced you to a limited number of coins. There are much more promising assets for investing in reality. To get an idea about them, track the rates of new cryptocurrencies in the appropriate section of our website. They are updated in real time and provide comprehensive information on trading volumes, capitalization, changes in value over a selected period of time.

We take information from trusted sources and are constantly working to improve the functionality. As other popular tokens appear on the market, they will be added to the list of new cryptocurrencies. So we recommend that you add the page to your favorites and track through it changes in the world of new generation currencies.