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On this page you can see cryptocurrency charts online in real time, formed on the basis of statistics on popular exchanges. Visitors to our website get the opportunity to accurately monitor the price fluctuations of various assets during a given time interval (daily, weekly, etc.), as well as changes in other parameters. The information provided will help investors choose a promising currency for storing their capital, and traders, especially arbitrageurs who interact with several exchanges, can earn on fluctuations in the rates of digital coins.

In the current situation on the cryptocurrency market, this is especially true, since the panic mood after the collapse of Bitcoin subsided and confidence in crypto assets is gradually returning. Bitcoin returned to service and broke the $ 10,000 barrier this afternoon on Wednesday, July 31, after four days of decline. In July, BTC accumulated a 6% devaluation after five consecutive months of sharp growth. Since the beginning of the year, the digital currency has risen in price by more than 150%, and with it the entire market as a whole. The total market value of cryptocurrencies at the moment is approximately $ 275 billion, with Bitcoin, which accounts for 65% of the amount. And although many cryptocurrency analysts are still pessimistic about the short-term market trend, fearing that the hype about the US tax authorities and cryptocurrency savings owners, to which the tax authorities began to send letters about a potential violation of federal law, will develop into a new collapse, in general, the trends are positive. In modern conditions, traders and investors have by no means a ghostly chance to make money.

Brief information about cryptocurrencies and the benefits of working with them

Cryptocurrencies are new electronic means of calculation based on cryptographic methods. Their distinguishing feature is the increased indicators of anonymity, security and the absence of a single emission center. That is, the state does not have access to the “typewriter” and can affect the rate of cryptocurrencies online chart only indirectly. The issue is made either by the creators of the coins, by issuing / distributing in a certain amount, or by the users themselves - through mining. All of the above opens up advantages over the most diverse categories of network users:

  • Ordinary users and business owners. These categories use crypto primarily as a means of payment, head and shoulders superior to other means of payment (EPS, bank cards, cash). With their help, you can send unlimited amounts to any point on the planet with a minimum commission, accept payments on your website or online store. All operations are anonymous and reliably protected by the cryptocurrency network itself.
  • Investors For investors, the cryptocurrency market is a real gold mine. Unlike state currencies, whose exchange rate is relatively stable for months, tokens can go up several times over the same period. The cryptocurrency exchange rate for today the chart presented on our website will allow investors to always be aware of the changes with the coins in which they invested and to correctly distribute their assets.
  • Traders. Engaged in speculative operations in the foreign exchange market and specialized cryptocurrency exchanges. Their first priority is to buy assets with the potential to increase prices over a short distance and then sell them when the chart reaches its peak (or at least get as close to it as possible). Some people have a deposit on several exchanges and are guaranteed to earn money by catching the difference between the price of the same coin on different sites.

Cryptocurrencies, of course, have certain disadvantages. Converting cash into Bitcoins and altcoins is sometimes problematic; there are decent commissions on exchange resources. The fact that in most countries the crypt is located in the gray zone of the law also adds to the fears. The government does not like the anonymous nature of the money of the future and its potential for settlements without participation in the taxation system, which is why some states have already introduced an official ban on the use of crypto assets, and some, on the contrary, are attempting to create their own currencies based on cryptography.

How to read a cryptocurrency chart in real time

Any successful trader must learn to read cryptocurrency charts in order to successfully complete various kinds of speculative transactions for the purchase and sale of selected assets using the information received. After all, it is not only the current value of a particular token that is important - you need to be able to analyze the data and determine where the course may soon go. We have presented several varieties of charts that participants in the new generation of electronic currency market will have to face:

  • Line charts. Basic charts that most traders usually work with. They display basic information about changes in the parameters of crypto assets over a specific time period. A line chart tracks various characteristics - the value of coins, market share and the like. A chart usually has a multiple version display. You can set parameters such as displaying the exchange rate in a particular currency, display the monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly intervals of the chart fluctuations.
  • Histograms. While the basic graphs are displayed in a continuous line, the histogram is represented by vertical lines and small horizontal lines - simple and colored. This allows, for example, to designate a single vertical bar as a price range for a short time period. Its top shows the maximum cost, and the bottom - the minimum. Dashes go in pairs - the left column is associated with the price at the opening, and the right one is at the close.
  • Candlestick charts. This online cryptocurrency chart is based on Japanese candles, which have been used for a long time in working with securities, currencies and their derivatives. And in the cryptocurrency market, this way of displaying information is also very popular, especially for users with extensive experience. The visual representation of each candle contains information regarding the value of the asset at the closing and opening, the lowest and highest price indicators during the designated time period. By the size of the body and its color, one can understand about current trends and the possible direction of future movement. Color markers indicate that a closing has occurred above or below the opening price, and a wick (also called a shadow) indicates the lowest and highest price.

Of course, the ability to recognize the data that the cryptocurrency price chart provides is not the only component of successful trading in this highly volatile market. He is extremely susceptible to various shocks caused by the political and economic background. A competent trader should also keep track of current news and analyze their possible impact on asset prices, which a market participant operates in his speculative operations. Be sure to check out another section of our website where the latest information from trusted analysts and financial publications is collected and updated in real time.

Why choose our resource

There are many statistics sites on the Internet that allow users to see the cryptocurrency rate online in real time, but their usefulness is often dubious due to a number of problems with displaying incorrect data, an inconvenient interface, etc. Our site is not only devoid of these disadvantages, but also differs from competitors in the following advantages:

  • Convenience of use. The information on the page is presented in such a way that users do not have to deal with customization, moving through tabs and other activities that no one needs. All data is at arm's length (more precisely, right in front of the eyes).
  • The reliability of the information provided. A cryptocurrency exchange rate chart is formed on the basis of data from popular exchanges that provide honest courses to their users. Particular attention is paid to the relevance of information - it appears in real time, which allows traders to respond to price fluctuations as soon as possible.
  • Lack of intrusive advertising. We value each of our visitors, therefore we do not put obstacles between the user of the resource and the information useful to him. No pop-up banners, automatic redirection from page to page or any other forms of marketing that make it difficult to read graphs.

Separately, it is worth noting multifunctionality. Information is provided not only on Bitcoin, Ether and other advanced coins with huge capitalization and many years of history, but also on new promising little-known projects. As practice has shown, even the most seemingly plain-looking coin has growth prospects of tens or even hundreds of times. At the dawn of the existence of Bitcoin, no one could even have imagined that after a lapse of time it would cross at one point the 20 thousand dollar mark. But, nevertheless, in 2018 this happened.

Risk Disclosure and Administration Responsibility

Real-time cryptocurrency courses, the schedule posted on our website, as well as other statistical materials - whether it is a chart, an analytical summary or data on exchanges, is provided for informational purposes. It can not be regarded as a direct indication for traders and investors to perform transactions on the purchase / sale or exchange of electronic coins. The administration is not responsible for the actions of visitors to the resource, made on the basis of the data provided, it lies only with the users themselves. Each trader / investor should be aware that any trading operations with valuable assets (it does not matter whether it is cryptocurrency, stocks or valuable metals) are always associated with the risk of loss of funds. And the more the market is subject to fluctuations, the faster a person can be left without money in the event of his rash actions.

That is why it is very important not only to obtain statistical data, paying attention to the cryptocurrency chart, but also to receive additional confirmation from various sources. This can be technical indicators, news publications, analytics from qualified specialists with extensive trading experience. The more indicators converge, the higher the chances of success. Also, do not forget about risk management. Try to distribute your capital among several crypto assets, so that in case of problems with one of them, you will not lose all your savings in the shortest possible time.

To summarize

Already, no one doubts that the cryptocurrency chart today has become an indispensable tool for all people who somehow come into contact with their work with new generation electronic money. Using real-time updated information, traders have the opportunity to capitalize on the difference in exchange rates, catching fluctuations even in the shortest time intervals, investors will easily find a promising asset for investment and will be able to respond in time if they suddenly find a drop in their value. Even ordinary network users who are not involved in speculative operations, but simply accept / send payments in cryptocurrency, knowledge of pricing and other statistics will be extremely useful.

If you liked the features offered on the site, be sure to bookmark the page. So you will always keep abreast and not miss important changes in the cryptocurrency world.